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Fate and Serendipity Couple String Bracelet Set [Set of 2]

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This Fate and Serendipity Couple String Bracelet Set is a charmed bracelet which can be given as a gift to send your message of love or friendship to a friend, a family member or a newfound acquaintance

  • Crafted to a high-quality standard using strong durable versatile knotting, stringing braided rope string, highly capable of holding secure the lace-up clasp closure
  • Faultlessly molded high-end non-tarnish non-fading metal charm perfect for any fashion style

The symbolism of the cross is not exclusive for Christians because the cross also has spiritual symbolism for other non-Christian beliefs as a representation of unity, temperance, balance, hope, faith, and life. Get your 2 sets now so you can convey your message sooner. Also, we have an outstanding Free Shipping premium that you can enjoy with your purchase today.