February Purple Quartz Birthstone White Gold Ring [2 Colors]

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Complement any color you have in your wardrobe with this February Purple Quartz Birthstone White Gold Ring. Also known as Amethyst, this gem blends well with both cool and warm colors. Its design would give you a nostalgia of once believing in magic. It has been formed to emphasize the oval center gem resulting to soft and flowing curves. Also, square cut gems and white stones envelop the center.

  • Art Nouveau inspired
  • Asymmetrical

Ancient Greeks regarded this gem so highly, they carved drinking chalices to protect the user from intoxication. However, you do not need to go to an all-night drink out to put this on your finger. Walking in the park, fetching groceries, or just drinking water is enough occasion to slide this on. There's a black gold variant for this in case you're looking for darker tones.