Feng Sui Lucky Coin Red String Bracelet

This adjustable bracelet features Feng Shui lucky coins. It's made of high-quality antique gold steel and silk rope. This lucky bracelet comes in adjustable rope from 8 17/64" (21cm) to 10 15/64 (26cm) for a better wrist fitting. It has three design to choose from.

  • The single Feng Shui coin is round with a square hole in the middle is a symbol of prosperity and happiness
  • The five Chinese coins symbolize to enrich your relationship whether it's a romantic, marriage, or union and as well as to attract wealth luck

The best way to boost your prosperity is to place a lucky coin(s) carpet inside the entrance to your home, at the back of your phone, in your wallet, checkbook, or purse to activate wealth and draw wealth to you. Get two or more now to enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!