Fibonacci Golden Ratio Pendant Necklace [4 Variants]

There's more to the Fibonacci Golden Ratio Pendant Necklace than meets the eye! The golden ratio represents a calculating approach to art that yields aesthetically pleasing and harmonious proportions, just as depicted by the beautiful pendant!

  • Length: 17.7" or 45 cm
  • Perfectly cut minimalist geometric shapes
  • Exquisite variety of colors available

The beauty of this pendant lies in its simplicity, nothing more than an exquisite cut of fine geometric shapes that shines best with elegantly classic clothing. The code hidden in its shape is a symbol of art that has inspired artists into creating magnificent designs. With the Fibonacci Golden Ratio Pendant Necklace on your neck, you will gain yet another aesthetically appealing proportion: that of your neck and the necklace! Get two or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!