Fiery Lion Primesmith Silver Bracelet

Size Guide

The bountiful Thai silver flourishes on this animal bracelet. Thai silver is known for its exceptional and fine quality. The two clashing fierce lions on our lustrous and exquisite premier bracelet adds more personality to its wearer. This LIMITED EDITIONprecious bracelet emits an extreme radiant glow to any outfit and is sure to get you noticed.

  • 9.05" or 23cm in length
  • Professionally cleaned and polished
  • Outstanding and sophisticated style that rests smoothly against your wrist

Thai silver, crafted in northern Thailand by the hill tribes, takes half of the world's finest jewelry markets. Enjoy and experience premium silver that undergoes traditional silver-making methods passed down to different generations. More than centuries in the making, Thai silver is lustrously soft and radiants in a lighter color. Crafted bracelet shimmers with pure silver content, Thai silver contains less mix of other metals. Meticulously created to flow like velvety taffeta, discreetly completely refined, it is hypoallergenic and not heavily oxidized. Behold the genuine beauty of silver on our exquisite jewels now.

Lions as old as time asymmetrically facing blatantly secures with an easy hook clasp ensures an ultimate flawless fit.