Final Petal Enchanted Silver Ring

Size Guide

This sumptuous silver ring is a remarkable feast of fantasy and romance. The intrinsic design is handcrafted to a high degree of perfection and is polished in a lush array of iridescent gold tone accent. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Measures 27mm in surface width and weighs 12g, customizable in size genuine silver
  • Breathtakingly well-crafted details
  • Heirloom class and tremendous tenacity
We guarantee incomparable artistry and crowning workmanship. Sterling silver is excessively brilliant and it surmounts the highest percent of the world's jewelry market because of its elegant quality. Premium quality and exclusive.

Modeled after the Beast from the Disney movie, a prince charming who must earn the love of a beautiful young woman in order to break the spell and all of this must be done before the final petal falls from the enchanted rose on his twenty-first birthday. Engage in luxurious silver where immense luster and supreme texture devour. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!