Fire Starter Flint Survival Paracord Bracelet [10 Variants]

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Camping without fire? Here is our Fire-Starter Flint Survival Paracord Bracelet! Made of 100% nylon military survival cordage with LED SOS light that can provide a full 72 hours of non-stop, continuous, bright light. The magnesium stone flint fire-starter is the most important feature of this bracelet. It can help you easily and quickly start a fire when you need one. 

The only survival paracord bracelet with multi-tools includingscraper, screwdriver, knife, wrench, serrated knife, spoke wrench, whistle, compass, sim-card ejector, 3.2-meter-long rope and more.

  • Length: 9.1" or 23 cm (1 in = 2.54 cm)
  • Contains 10+ lifesaving tools

Wear this paracord bracelet while making exciting adventures like camping, hiking, and all other outdoor activities. This bracelet can save lives when needed. The best survival paracord braceletever! Enjoy our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING if you buy two or more of the Fire Starter Flint Survival Paracord Bracelet today! Grab yours now!