Medieval Boho Ring Set [4 Rings]

Size Guide

Inspired by Excalibur itself, this Medieval Boho Ring Set is sturdy and will impeccably fit those who are worthy. This set has four rings with three different distinct designs. These designs have been meticulously engraved showcasing the expertise and artistry of our artisans.

  • Bold and bright
  • Well thought out designs
  • Made by experts

Although set in silver, they have been finished with an antique brushed layer to give them a timeworn shade. This adds to its overall character and exemplifies the theme of the quartet. These wide banded rings will definitely turn heads and intrigue people. Very much alike to those who defended Britain to the Saxon invaders, these rings will bravely pull you out of oppression from the mundane. Get two or more sets now to avail FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!