Fortune Star Gold Charm Wish String Bracelet Set [Set of 2]

This Fortune Star Gold Charm Wish String Bracelet Set is one of the variant models of the best selling and celebrity favorite charmed red string bracelets. You can see them everywhere because not only celebrities want to own its blessings but also people like me and you. 

  • Made of strong durable braided not easy to fray 100% cotton braided string
  • Waterproofed through a light and natural waxing process making this bracelet mildew resistant
  • Crafted to high standards using a versatile braided rope string highly capable of holding the lace-up clasp closure

The star charm is believed to be the symbol for friendship and good fortune, which when strung with a red or black string and given away as a gift means you wish the receiver to be blessed with good fortune. Get 2 sets, one to give away as a gift, you don't want to give away blessings without having them yourself.