Four Petal Flower White Gold Rings [Set of 2]

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Reminiscent of the Lotus Flower, this Four Petal Flower White Gold Ring Set is also pure and beautiful. The eye of the flower is starred with a magnificent gem. Its petals are inlaid with similar but a lot smaller gems. This makes the ring brilliant as it reflects light from all angles. It is symmetric and has clean smoothly molded lines. The design is well thought of and it is where the modern and classic methods and patterns meet.

  • Sculptural and Topnotch
  • Trendsetting
  • Get two for the price of one

The second ring complements the calyx of the flower and follows its lines and structure. When worn together the rings are exquisite and magnificent. When tired of being the center of the limelight, you can shine your own way with the smaller ring. Nevertheless, just like how the lotus is described, this is the personification of the sun with its brilliance and creation with its design.