Gem Studded White Gold Rings [Set of 2] [8 Colors]

Size Guide

This Gem Studded White Gold Ring will turn you into a lady. Its color and cut are angelic and subtle. It gives a cupid semblance to the wearer. The first ring has a square cut pink gem which is the star of the show and is lifted up with a metal prong. Its shoulder is accented by diamond cut gems that adds brilliance to the overall look. The second ring is a slightly smaller one with a diamond molded center which is inlaid with gems as big as the accent stones on the former. It also has smaller gems on the shoulder.

  • Intricate gem pattern and design
  • Flawless and Sparkling
  • Impressive and Flashy
  • Get two for the price of one

This ring comes in different colored gems and also in black gold bands that gives the rings a different definition. Although the aura of the rings change based on the color combination of the rings and bands, the fabrication of the rings are the same producing the same quality and beauty. Check the other variants to find what fits your personality.