Amber Gemstone Teapot Women's Silver Bracelet

Feel as if you have participated in a regal tea ceremony with the Gemstone Teapot Women's Silver Bracelet! The natural gem, fashioned into a cute teapot, makes for a fancy charm in a silver bracelet that goes well with casual clothes!

  • Length: 6.4" + 1.9" or 16.5 cm + 5 cm
  • Genuine sterling silver
  • Natural amber gem in two colors
    • Yellow
    • Brown
  • Cute teapot and teacup charms

In an ideal world where everyone is an inch tall, the teapot would have been useful in our kitchen, but in the more ideal real world, this gemstone teapot makes for an endearing charm that everyone would love to have on their wrists. With an accompanying teacup and a natural gem for a pot, you have a set of tea cutlery at your Gemstone Teapot Women's Silver Bracelet, ready to be worn with your everyday style and to be the object of everyone's attention.