Glow In The Dark Glass Moon Cabochon Silver Chain Bracelet [12 Variants]

This Glow In The Dark Glass Moon Cabochon Silver Chain Bracelet is an inspiring and uplifting bracelet with its meaningful luminous gray moon art charm. Made from premium quality nickel-free and lead-free stainless steel and zinc metal, suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and skin friendly

  • High-grade glass cabochon cover securing the enchanting moon phase art print backed with a high-end zinc metal base
  • Confidently suitable to be worn on the wrists of both men and women without looking fashionably awkward 
  • Premium grade stainless steel link chain secured by a reliable and durable box-with-tongue clasp
  • Bezel setting use make sure the glass cover and zinc metal backing  don't easily fall apart 

Go on wear this bracelet and be reminded of why you were born into this world according to the universe. The science of astrology tells us that everyone who is born into this world is destined to live a life governed by the influence of the stars, planets, and moons in this universe. Make everything for the good not only of yourself but also for everyone you're going to connect within this lifetime. Give one away as a wedding, birthday, anniversary gift or just as a whim. We Ship For Free any minimum of 2 products purchased from our store.