Glowing Kunai Pendant Women's Necklace

The Glowing Kunai Pendant Women's Necklace will surely enhance your outfit for the day. The pendant is in a shape of a kunai. A kunai is one of the most famous weapons of a ninja. Be a ninja and feel the power coursing through your veins with the kunai pendant necklace. 

  • Adjustable Chain Length : 21.65" + 1.97" or 55 cm + 5 cm
  • With a turquoise glow
  • Handcrafted to perfection

With the unique design of the pendant, you will definitely attract people's attention anywhere you go. The rare look of the kunai pendant, the necklace will be a great gift not only to those ninja fans out there but also your loved ones. This is only available for a limited time only! Buy at least two to get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!