Go for Green Heavy Duty Silicone Ring [4 Options]

This Go for Green Heavy Duty Silicone Ring is primarily designed for men who are constantly on the go and work mainly with their hands like electricians, engineers, in construction and in surgery that are risky for metal rings. This high-grade environment-friendly silicone ring removes the risk of injuries caused by metal rings. This can be a stylish durable non-toxic less hazardous substitute for a wedding band that will not only ensure the safety of your fingers but also your looks.
  • Dimensions: ( surface width ): 0.629 and 0.708" ( 16mm and 18mm )
  • Expensive looking durable and non-fading high-grade finish
  • Flexible, non-conductive and heat resistant silicone material
  • Affordable, easy to care for,  and as a rule is primarily accident-proof 

Make a healthy decision today and get one or more variants of our Go for Green Heavy Duty Silicone Ring, you can state your commitment in style without endangering your limbs, as a bonus We Will Ship It For Free.