Golden Natural Stone Pendant Necklace [7 Variants]

Look stunning in simplicity with the Golden Natural Stone Pendant Necklace! The exquisite gold-colored sterling silver chains and pendant hold the premium natural stones, each carrying an effect that only they can give to you!

  • Length: 15.7" or 40 cm
  • High-Quality Natural Stones
    • Prehnite
    • Amethyst
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Malachite
    • Pink Crystals
    • Red Agate
    • Amazonite
  • Golden Hamilton-Plated Sterling Silver Chains

Each natural stone has a positive effect that you will feel once you wear this necklace. Prehnite is good for memory and divination. Amethyst aids in having a clear mind and high intellect. Lapis lazuli is known for being a meditation stone that empowers your thoughts. Malachite helps you in adapting to the changes in your life. Pink crystals exhibit and will infuse you with feelings of love. Agate stones help you stabilize and keep that balance in life. Amazonite filters negative energies from technological devices and maintains your good health. The Golden Natural Stone Pendant Necklace has every good effect you'd want in a necklace!