Gorilla Charm Braided Survival Paracord Bracelet [6 Variants]

Feel the strength of the largest primates pulsating on your wrist with the Gorilla Charm Braided Survival Bracelet! The fighting spirit of a gorilla battling for his troop shows very well on the charm, and the bracelet makes that charm a useful tool!

  • Length: 8.2" or 21 cm
  • High-quality survival ropes with 7 inner ropes
  • Braided survival rope can support up to 330 lbs/150 kg
  • Intricate copper gorilla charm

It's not hard to see that gorillas represent strength in the wilderness with their incredible build. The braided cord that holds that gorilla charm can help you survive in that wilderness, too, by being extremely strong and durable. Even in the urban environment, this bracelet can add a fierce appeal to your style. Wherever you wear the Gorilla Charm Braided Survival Bracelet, you're sure to brim with strength and fierceness! Get two or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!