Hamsa Fatima Black Beaded Necklace

With the stunning look of the necklace, the Hamsa Fatima Black Beaded Necklace is a sure conversation starter. The pendant of the necklace is in the form of the Hamsa Hand, known to symbolize the Hand of God. Hamsa Hand also represents the Five Pillars of Islam: Faith, Prayer, Pilgrimage, Fasting, and Charity. According to common belief, it illustrates Fatima's struggle for dignity through her difficult life.

The alluring Hamsa Fatima Necklace sits beautifully around the neck with an adjustable chain with the length of 31.4" + 3.9" or 80 cm + 10cm. Purity, Goodness, and Truth are represented by the pendant of the necklace. Grab your own Hamsa necklace to boost your faith and overcome your own struggles in life just like what Fatima did with her own. If you but two or more of the necklace you will get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

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