Handmade Simple Burlesque Choker Necklaces [10 Variants]

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Behold! We have brought you Handmade Simple Burlesque Choker Necklaces! Since Burlesque-inspired fashion is never for the weak and only those confident enough can completely rock honest-to-goodness burlesque style, we toned it down and now we give you everyday-burlesque accessories! The length of all chokers is 35 cm

  • Completely handmade
  • Simple, elegant, and beautiful
  • Can select between a very wide array of choices
Now everyone can feel like they are in the very energetic world of burlesque by simply wearing this absolutely gorgeous jewelry! These can also be great gifts for your friends and family! Also, did you know that you pay NOTHING for shipping if you get two or more of these superb chokers?