Handmade Vintage Resin Wood Pendant Necklace

Our Handmade Vintage Resin Wood Pendant Necklace has a geometric resin inlay on wood design high in aesthetic value, delivered by the contrasting resin and wood color and texture. Each of the resin colors represents different symbolism for spiritual petitions,which according to ancient beliefs help adjust the strength and focus of physical and psychological energies.

  • Premium ultra fine resin material will not easily fade and crack
  • High-end premium quality non-tarnish zinc metal
  • Design and styled for women but are also suitable for men with high-fashion style
  • Vintage ethnic stylish appeal put together by talented and skilled artisans
  • Tension strung not easy to fray black rope chain highly resistant to tugging

Inspire self-love and confidence by gifting someone you know who will benefit the most from the positive energies delivered by this colorful handmade wood pendant necklace. the ones who need positive energies to boost different aspects of their physical, emotional and thought psyche.