Hawaiian Carol Handmade Bamboo Watch

Time shares a lovely twist with a verdant face and a lush wooden leash. Made from the finest Bambusa Vulgaris or Golden Hawaiian bamboo, this large ornamental tree is highly attractive and does extremely well in embellishments. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • 45mm in case diameter, 22mm in bandwidth, 12mm in thickness and 9.84" or 25cm in length
  • Precisely selected premium quality hardwood
  • Innovative artistry and fashion fantasy
  • Tremendously durable watchband

The crystal window is crafted from supreme hardlex glass which is extremely hard to scratch or mark securing the dial and face of the watch shatter-free. Adjusted isochronism ensures that the watch can work flawlessly in extreme atmosphere.

Handcrafted to a standard of excellence, exhibit your sophisticated style when you wear this enticing wristwatch. Yours exclusively. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!