Health Essence Stone Beads Mantra Bracelet

Health Essence Stone Beads Mantra Bracelet is a healing and protection bracelet with customizable stone beads strand to appropriately benefit your most needed Chakra. Made of premium quality stone beads and highly resilient durable elastic cord, this bracelet can also be a comfy, cozy and flattering everyday accessory, that will add eye-catching sophistication to any outfit you wear. 

  • Dimensions ( length ): 7.08 - 8.26" ( 18 - 21 cm)
  • Classic mantra bracelet for men and women and as matching couples bracelet
  • Premium quality stone mantra beads polished to a fine finish for that enchanting classic glow
  • High-end non-fading Copper metal hardware
      Wear on your wrist your Health Essence Stone Beads Mantra Bracelet sooner by making that order now, and We Will Shoulder Shipping and Handling Fee. You can also get another one as a gift for a loved one, you'll see the most radiant smile in the world the day you present it.