Hope In Harmony Leather Multilayer Wrap Bracelet

Make a standout addition to your collection of trendy apparel and accessories with our Hope In Harmony Leather Multilayer Wrap Bracelet; a trendy urbane wrap bracelet designed to convey inspiration. There have been stories circulating about people launching inspirations with wrap bracelets, by conveying motivation and hope with the designs. A wrap bracelet around the wrist is like an abundant and ready supply of reassuring hugs up close and handy for the times they are needed most. 
  • Dimensions ( length ): 7.87" ( 20cm )
  • Dependable ultra modern high-end stainless steel toggle clasps
  • Comfortable to wear all day premium quality fine leather 
  • Cosmopolitan style, a perfect fashion statement for men
  • High-grade non-tarnish non-fading metal strips accents

The time could be now to gift someone with inspiration; with the Hope In Harmony Leather Multilayer Wrap Bracelet which We Will Ship To You For Free when you get another one to also have an endless supply of hope for yourself.