Hope Love Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Survival Paracord Bracelet

This survival paracord bracelet with its hope, love, autism puzzle piece awareness charm is a camping outdoor survival tool and a looks booster in one. You can enhance any outdoor attire with its attractive colorful rugged style while having a backup rope in its weaved paracord chain.

  • Dimensions:(length): 9 - 9.4" (23.5-24cm)
  • Weight: about 24g
  • Crafted for women cancer and mental health advocates these awareness bracelets are also suitable for men with its adjustable length
  • Tension resistant not-easy to fray premium quality nylon cord rope 
  • Cabochon charm can be customized to preferred print design and paracord rope chain to preferred colors
  • Featured charm is made of premium quality non-tarnish metal

Get this bracelet now and show off your advocacy for good causes by pairing this with your latest outdoorsy outfits and espouse a fashion style that's noble and charming all at once.