Horn Fish Handmade Wood Beads Mala Necklace

Mala beads made into bracelets or necklaces are the types of fashionable accessories popular with people who have a great interest in spirituality. And also for those who try to achieve good health and healthy living through meditation and yoga. Different religious sects also use mala beads necklaces and bracelets when doing their prayer rituals. Our Horn Fish Handmade Wood Beads Mala Necklace is a modernistic version of the ancient Buddhists mala beads necklaces with its upgrade in aesthetics showcased by the different ethnic, bohemian and symbolic charms and pendants.

  • Highly appealing artistically crafted symbolic charm designs
  • High-end faultlessly formed wood beads
  • Durable not-easy to fray rope chain
  • High-grade premium quality Tibetan silver metal

This necklace when given as a gift can be a powerful message reminder that can also channel positive energy for good fortune. A heartwarmingly thoughtful and considerate gift idea which the receiver can wear the whole year through whatever is the season as sweater, dress, suits or beach dress necklace.