Inspirational Hand Stamped Bangle [7 Variants]

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Your pick of one of these 7 quotes is hand stamped letter by letter on a gorgeous bangle:

  • "You Are Amazing, You Can Do Anything, You Rock"
  • "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine"
  • "I Believe In Myself"
  • "Be Your Own Hero"
  • "Don't Quit Your Day Dream"
  • "I Am the Master of my Fate, I Am the Captain of my Soul"
  • "Life Isn't About Surviving the Storm, It's About Learning to Dance in the Rain"

The bracelet's minimalist design looks great on its own or can be stacked with other Bangles for a bolder look. A perfect gift for anyone needing a little inspiration! You can also enjoy our FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE if you buy two or more of the Inspirational Hand Stamped Bangle now!