King Crown Charm Distance Black & White Beaded Bracelet [2 Variants]

Beautifully-crafted, these King Crown Charm Distance Black & White Beaded Bracelets are made using authentic natural stones and meticulously made King Crown. These distance bracelets can bring two hearts closer despite long distances. 

  • Adjustable length: 
    • White: 7" - 8" or 18.5 cm - 19.5 cm
    • Black: 8" - 9" or 19.5 cm - 20.5 cm
  • Authentic Natural Stones
  • High-resiliency elastic cording
  • Remarkable craftsmanship

These bracelets are for couples or friends who want to feel close even when they're far apart. Do not let distance get in your way with these King Crown Charm Distance Beaded Bracelets! For a limited time only, buy two and get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!