La Luna Sangre Obsidian Werewolf Necklace

Enchanting and flawlessly legendary necklace in rich noir precious stones. Sophisticated wolf pendant radiates artistic beauty, crafted deftly for an elegant look. Inspired by Romulus, the mythical wolf symbolizing the city of Rome, intuition, and high intellect, this premium necklace emanates the fountain of wisdom, vitality, and power. 

  • Made of real, premium Obsidian - a naturally occurring volcanic glass
  • Measures 48 x 39 x 8mm in dimension high-quality obsidian beads
  • Not available in your local stores
This exclusive necklace shimmers with its astonishing allure. Make an amusing impression when you wear this spiritual adornment. Buy two or more of this limited edition werewolf necklace to enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!