Large Capacity Anti-Theft Backpack

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The Large Capacity Anti-Theft Backpack is made from polyester, a light and waterproof fabric great for both rainy and sunny days! Engineered with a scientific breathable back technology, the functional bag is a minimalist heaven rolled in comfort! 

  • Size: 17.3"x11.4"x6.3" or 44cmx29cmx16cm
  • Can be attached to a suitcase
  • Has removable shoulder strap
  • Expandable up to 50% more storage space
  • Features:
    • Convenient card slot
    • Foldable water bottle pocket
    • Computer interlay

The backpack has a side zipper which you can open to easily expand the bag to add more space to the already spacious interior! The bag also has a hidden pocket where you can put your wallet for safe keeping. Want more? The anti-theft bag has a slot where you can use to shoot your USB wire to charge your phone without carrying your power banks. Get yours now!