Large Casual Travel Leather Backpack

Do not hesitate to go on that next adventure with the Large Casual Travel Leather Backpack! The sturdy bag will serve you well as you go on conquering heights and distances, bringing everything you need at once!

  • Size:
    • Height: 18.5" or 47 cm
    • Width: 12.9" or 33 cm
  • Premium leather
  • Features:
    • Large capacity
    • Dedicated compartments for laptops, wallets, phones
    • Pull-rope and flap buckle locks
    • Front and side pouches
    • Small pockets on straps

The size of this bag makes for an incredible capacity, allowing you to store as many articles as you can. The black aesthetic has this feeling of masculinity and ruggedness that is befitting of its durable leather texture. The Large Casual Travel Leather Backpack is the perfect companion for your urban travels and rural adventures, a bag that will see you through the places you've reached!