Leather USB Flash Drive Wristband

Connectivity drives the modern people's lifestyle. No more bulky copies of documents anymore you need to carry anywhere you will need them. Your whole life story and all its trappings can now fit into a chip the same size as a pea and you can get any information you want from your stored data and print it. This Leather USB Flash Drive Wristbandis the embodiment of this convenience. What's more, it is now provided in a wristband which you can wear as a bracelet and no one will suspect it for not what it looks.

  • Product Weight: 20 grams
  • USB 2.0 type interface
  • High-end textured and grained vegan leather wristband
  • Non-fading non-tarnish button closure
Nominal capacity;
128MB (about 120MB)
1GB (950MB)
2GB (1.9GB)
4GB (3.8GB)
8GB (7.6GB)
16GB (14.8GB)
32GB (29GB)
64GB (58GB)
128G1B (120GB)

    Convenience is the key to living the technology-driven life. Keep pace by getting rid of those bulky envelops containing all of your physical documents. Scan them and store the extracted data in your USB leather bracelet,and access them anywhere and anytime you need them