Lotus Lace Silver Prayer Box Pendant

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Pristine Lotus flowers embossed in sterling silver and intricate details grandeur in the Lotus Lace Silver Prayer Box Pendant. Breathtakingly well-crafted artistry and spellbinding pattern exude splendor on the beholder. 

  • Measures 1.09 x 0.45" or 27.82 x 11.45mm in dimension genuine silver
  • Sumptuously adorned and exceptionally functional
  • A high-quality outlandish embellishment that shines in every angle

A precise by-product of enchanting artisan workmanship, characterized by fantastic ornaments, this exclusive pendant easily adds a gorgeous brilliance to any outfit. Captivate yourself in the harmonious existence of the divine as energy with your silver mantra jewelry, the perfect talisman for reciting your prayers and beautifying your neckband. Buy the Lotus Lace Silver Prayer Box Pendant today and pair it with any clothes in your closet!