Lovely Honey Bee Silver Earrings

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Spread beauty like pollens with this Lovely Honey Bee Silver Earrings! Featuring the majestic queen Bumble Bee, these earrings are made of sterling silver. A hand-cut honey-colored crystal embellishes each earring as the bee's jelly belly while similarly colored but smaller crystals adorn its head.

  • 100% made from genuine Silver
  • Handmade to perfection
  • Not sold in stores
  • Limited edition

Excellent craftsmanship can be observed in each of the pieces. Fine details have been carved and molded to bear a perfect semblance of our buzzing, life-saving friends. The hook is also adorned with clear crystals to complete the nature-inspired, modern look! This piece comes from a Lovely Honey Bee Jewelry Set complete with a ring and a necklace. Get yours now and make flowers bloom!