Lovely Little Chihuahua Oil Dog Necklaces [6 Variants]

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Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dogs. Despite their size, they are loyal, lively, and courageous. Hand-painted with top quality enamel, the finish of these absolutely adorable Lovely Little Chihuahua Oil Dog Necklaces are glossy and just right!

  • Length: 17.7" or 45cm
  • Resilient link chain
  • Handcrafted

Pair with a solid color type and you're good to go. These little lovelies a good way to showcase your big love for the tiny Chihuahuas! Our LIMITED EDITION Chihuahuas need some love and you're the perfect person for it so we give FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE for every two or more purchases of these adorable Lovely Little Chihuahua Oil Dog Necklaces!