Loyal Labrador Oil Dog Necklaces [6 Variants]

Our Loyal Labrador Oil Dog Necklaces Necklaces Collection is our homage to the lovely pets that are Labradors. Outgoing, intelligent, gentle, and agile, Labs are great companions for everyone. The appeal of these necklaces is perfect for a laidback look. The handmade Lab pendant is hand-painted with top-quality enamel, the allure of these necklaces are nothing to scoff at!  

  • Pendant Size: 47mm x 55mm
  • Length: 19.7" + 2.8"or 50CM+7Cm
  • Durable and stylish

Labradors are very lovable pets and because of that, our  Loyal Labrador Oil Dog Necklaces Necklaces are flying off the shelves! This item is limited edition and not available in stores. So grab yours now and get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for getting two or more of these awesome items!  See ya!