Lucky Silver Charm Chinese Rope Knot Bracelet

The Chinese "Endless Knot" symbolizes endless cyclical change. It is the symbol for longevity and eternity which can be all-too-powerful in harnessing positive energy to boost mind and body healing and attract good fortune. Basically silver is white and is the symbol of purity and most often associated with pure innocence, protection, learning, and knowledge.

  • Dimension: (length):  (6.5cm)
  • High-end non-tarnish Chinese symbol silver charm 
  • Robust extra secure metal closure
  • Durable, premium quality sturdy silver and multicolor Thai rope strings
  • Highly resilient tension mounted hand braid and knots
Get this good luck bracelet today and as an ideal gift for couples, best friends or siblings you can use this to convey the good fortune of long-lasting relationship and eternal well being it brings on many special occasions you celebrate together.