Luminous Wishing Ball Women's Necklace [2 Variants]

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The Luminous Wishing Ball Women's Necklace contains a real dandelion seed inside. Dandelion is believed to help boost the LUCK department. When a person blows all the dandelion seed, it is believed that the one you love will love you back. There are a lot of beliefs circulating around a dandelion, it will not hurt to wear the wishing ball necklace to help you out.

  • Adjustable Chain Length : 23.62" or 60 cm
  • Limited Time Only!
  • Delicately Handmade

The glowing ball necklace is a great gift for your loved ones to show how much you appreciate them. With a great deal and an amazing product like the wishing necklace, you can never go wrong with the luminous ball necklace! Buy two or more of the Luminous Wishing Ball Women's Necklace to enjoy FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!