Lushberry Bloom Luxury Silver Bracelet

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An exhilarating bouquet of florid artwork submerged in pristine silver swims freely in this ornate jewelry. A bracelet that is delicately crafted to a standard of ingenuity where brilliance and elegance devour abundantly. Dashing adornments glow brightly at the milieu of this LIMITED EDITION bracelet like every blooming plum in Madeira amidst the fragrant Ponta Gorda sea.

  • Measures 2.04" or 5.2cm in diameter premium genuine silver
  • Characterized by the use of sophisticated workmanship
  • Breathtakingly sumptuous and extremely resilient
Thai silver undergoes meticulous silver-making mechanism compassed for centuries. Since it contains less mix of other metals, it is hypoallergenic and not heavily oxidized. Glow with the real beauty of silver on our luxury jewelry now! Exclusive and not available in stores.

Light up your look with this exquisite bracelet and dare to dazzle on any occasion.