Luxury Couple King and Queen Crown Charm Beaded Bracelet [Set of 2] [3 Variants]

Wealth and grandeur, these Luxury Couple King and Queen Crown Charm Beaded Bracelets come in a set of two, perfect for a couple looking to impress each other with their taste for class and luxury. With three variants to choose from, one would not run out of options to find something that fits them as a couple.

  • Adjustable length: 7" - 8" or 19 cm - 20 cm
  • High-quality natural stone beads
  • High-resiliency elastic cording
  • Timeless King and Queen crown design

These authentic natural stones can uplift your styles with its premium King and Queen crown designed bead. These Luxury Couple King and Queen Crown Charm Beaded Bracelets are available for a limited time only. This can be the perfect gift for another couple or for you and your loved one! Don't miss out on our FREE SHIPPING when you buy two or more sets!