Luxury King and Queen Crown Bracelet [2 Variants]

Classy and elegant, this Luxury Couple King or Queen Crown Bracelet is for anyone who wants to feel the touch of the royalty. The first variant uses lava stone which came from the core of the earth and has been used as a healing stone in different cultures. This can be the ideal gift for oneself, for a friend, or a loved one. 

  • Adjustable length: 7" - 8" or 19 cm - 20 cm 
  • High-quality natural stone beads
  • High-resiliency elastic cording
  • Classic crown designer beads
  • Lava stones are amazing essential oil diffusers

The natural stones paired with a handmade crown bead makes one flush with opulence. This item is available for a limited time only. You can also buy another for your significant other. Buy two or more now and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!