Marie Nara Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant

The strikingly dashing gemstones glow splendidly at the curve of this premium pendant, the perfect ornament for reciting your prayers and mantras.This sparkling adornment energizes the Buddhist prayer hymn which captivates the impressive recognition and blessings of the Tibetan deities. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Measures 30mm in length, 22mm in diameter, 5mm in thickness and weighs 7g genuine silver
  • Characterized by the use of flamboyant artistry
  • Tremendously well made and remarkably durable
  • Features powerhouse precious gemstones

Tibetan silver is used essentially in jewelry components due to its classical allure, skillfully polished to bestow intense fascination on intricate castings. Showcase an enchanting style with this exclusive lavalière and create a beautiful expression of your spiritual intention. You can enjoy FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE whenever you buy at least 2 of the Marie Nara Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant today!