Memphis Belle Marvel Silver Ring

Our exclusive airborne ring fuses inherent lavish premium silver with grandiose eagle charm. As captivating as the first dawn, this LIMITED EDITION ring is a timeless treasure. Memphis Belle is the sobriquet of the flying fortress that was used during the Second World War that sparked the making of two motion pictures: a 1944 documentary film, Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress, and a 1990 Hollywood feature film, Memphis Belle. Shiny construction emits a beauteous glow to any outfit. Exclusive and not available in stores.

  • Measures 17mm in surface width and weighs 12g customizable in size genuine silver
  • Tremendously well made
  • High-quality allure that glows in every angle

Sterling silver is a soft and intensely lustrous metal. It undergoes exceptional silver-making techniques endured for centuries and remarkably hypoallergenic. Immerse yourself in the harmonious experience of avian beauty with this enticing bracelet and feel the real beauty of silver on our luxurious collection now!

Extremely durable and crafted to a standard of exquisiteness, this flawless ring exudes intrinsic and artistic beauty. Only yours, translucently the perfect sparkler for any outfit. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!