Metal Switch Lucky Charm Rope Knot Bracelet

The "Mystic Knot" done in different colors have different meanings and symbolism. The main purpose of all these knots is to ward off evil spirits to confer longevity on the recipient. As good luck charms, these knots are symbols of eternity and long life without setbacks.

  • Dimensions: (length):7.08" (16.5 cm)
  • High-end premium box-with-tongue-and-safety toggle clasp and metal hardware
  • Reliable tension-woven premium long-lasting non-fray coated colored rope strands 
With a non-tarnish non-fading diamond in a circle charm that symbolizes eternal love, this bracelet is an attractive and expensive looking. Highly suitable to use as a couple bracelet, this is high in giftable idea value. Get two variants of this bracelet now to enjoy our premium for Free Shipping!