Mjolnir Paracord Bracelet

Size Guide

Be amongst the gods and prove that you are worthy of greatness this Mjolnir Paracord Bracelet. Carrying the legendary hammer that guarded Asgard against the forces of chaos, this has been the symbol of the power of thunder and one of the greatest Norse Mythology weapons known to level mountains. Although this was not forged by Nordic Dwarves, the sheer effect of this bracelet on your style is a sure win!

  • 100% made from premium quality materials
  • Handcrafted by experts
  • Easy to put on
  • Length: 9.4" or 24 cm

This is truly a bracelet of strength being made from the best paracord strings that Earth has ever seen. The hammer and rube are molded from the sturdiest and hardest of metals. To complete the tale-old look, it is electroplated with antique gold or silver.