Moving Wings Sparkling Crystal Butterfly Ring [2 Variants]

The Moving Wings Sparkling Crystal Butterfly Ring is an accessory crafted by our finest artisans with practiced accuracy to ensure the best quality possible. Embedded in a paved setting, fine-grade AAA+ Austrian crystals cover up the whole butterfly to give this beautiful ring an aura of sparkling lightheartedness. Polished twice, using German polishing and hand-polishing, to achieve an even shine! The wings of this butterfly ring flap and mimic a butterfly's flight every time you move and flex your finger!

  • Butterfly Size: 26 mm x 45 mm
  • Plated in real White Gold
  • High-quality AAA+ Austrian crystals
  • German Polishing 
  • Moving wings 
Butterflies are more than just delicate little beauties that give color to our surroundings. In Ancient Greece, these winged creatures symbolize one's psyche, soul, and immortality. Some other cultures perpetuate the butterfly as a symbol for change, transformation, and transcendence from a physiological consciousness to a spiritual level of consciousness. Sit there looking pretty for we have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!