Mystico Mambo Butterfly Wooden Bow Tie [20 Variants]

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A men's wear treasure, groom to bloom and complete your look with this premium bowtie that gives an eye-catching sparkle, perfect for work casual or weekend wear. The chic structure and striking middle fabric present a refined overall look yet it gives you a prominent modernist style.

Bow Tie Name: Andrus which symbolizes virility, masculinity, and bravery.

  • Size: 12 x 5cm
  • Conspicuously dashing genuine wooden tie made of Ashwood, Black Walnut, and Wenge
  • Stunningly sleek and stylish
  • Exclusive and not available in stores

This handmade bow tie blends excellently with any collar ensemble, short or long sleeves, pastel or bright colored suits but we adore it with a classic black suit.The innovative technique combines modern technology and exceptional artistry with outstanding workmanship creating a priceless piece of craft.

Soothe your mood with these LIMITED EDITION bow ties, the hardwood for your
manhood where every wood is good. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!