Natural Bodhi Seed Handmade Rope Bracelet

The word Bodhi translate to awakened or enlightened in Sanskrit thus "Bodhi seed" means “enlightened seed.” Bodhi is also a term used in Buddhism to define someone who embodies Buddha's understanding of the true nature of things. Our Natural Bodhi Seed Handmade Rope Bracelet has two seed charms; the tiger bodhi and the flower bodhi seed, one on each end of a rope string chain. Each of this seed will confer wisdom and peace on the wearer as a guide to one's own enlightenment.

  • Hand-picked high-quality natural Bodhiseeds
  • A perfect gift to convey good fortune and blessing of enlightened wisdom and awakened spirituality
  • Adjustable reinforced premium quality broke rope string chain
  • Non-fading long-lasting harmonious brown color finish

Perfect for harnessing positive energy during yoga and meditation, as these bodhi seeds open and illuminate our sense of wisdom. Wear this natural bodhi seeds bracelet every day and invite its grace into the mindful practice of your spiritual awakening and journey. Harness its positive energies to better enhance your self-awareness and enrich your connection. The blessings triples when the bracelet is a gift, buy 2 now, to give someone a gift of the triple blessings of the Buddha's enlightened wisdom. We Ship for Free any purchases of 2 or more.