Natural Moonstone Sterling Silver Necklace [5 Variants]

Carry the light aura of innocence and charm with the Natural Moonstone Sterling Silver Necklace! The natural stones in its pendant help in maintaining your emotional balance by making a tangible connection with the moon!

  • Length: 15.7" or 40 cm
  • Premium Natural Moonstones and Pearl Stones
  • High-Grade Sterling Silver Necklace

The simple appeal of the necklace gives out an aura of sincerity and purity. Unadorned dresses couple very nicely with this necklace, fully embracing the image of a demure maiden. The Moonstone and the pearl help in calming your intense emotions and strengthening your weak ones. It can also help in your sleeping cycle, especially for those who have irregular sleeping patterns. The Natural Moonstone Sterling Silver Necklace is the necklace for everyone who prefers subtlety in their style!