Natural Pearl Heart Women's Pendant Necklace

Encapsulate the essence of the seas with the Natural Pearl Heart Women's Pendant Necklace! The natural pearl packaged in a clam looks beautifully charming on the heart pendant. Donning the pearl can make you feel like a gorgeous mermaid on land!

  • Length: 16" or 40.6 cm
  • High-quality natural pearl fresh from the clam
  • Premium-grade Tibetan silver heart pendant
  • Comes with a necklace 

Try and experience the opening of a clam to get the natural pearl with this necklace! Each natural pearl holds a different charm depending on the color. Whether you wish for wisdom, success, health, wealth, or love, the pearls will represent your dreams. You can even wear it everywhere as a good luck charm with the included pendant necklace! The Natural Pearl Heart Women's Pendant Necklace is really pretty and pleasing to look at when it's hanging on your neck. Get two or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!