Natural Red Sander Wooden Beads Meditation Bracelet

Featuring the Buddha's eye made of Agate bead, this Natural Red Sander Wooden Beads Meditation Bracelets is definitely a rare catch worth buying. Known as the Eyes of Wisdom, Buddha's eye symbolizes the omnipotent powers of Lord Buddha bringing light, moral conscience, truth, and intelligence to the wearer. This spiritual bracelet also features Red Sanderwood beads which are known to have healing properties. At an affordable price, you can get the benefits of these two powerful kinds of beads.

  • 100% Handcrafted by artisans
  • Exclusive Design
  • Adjustable Length:
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable and resilient

Be in style, meditate, and radiate the benefits of this Natural Red Sander Wooden Beads Meditation Bracelet by wearing it every day. With its numerous benefits, this unique accessory is definitely a great gift for family and friends. Get yours now.